Rentals at Oshawa Little Theatre

Oshawa Little Theatre has the following spaces available for rent:

Full Facility
(All Day)
Theatre and Auditorium (Evening) Theatre and Auditorium (Day) Rehearsal Hall/ Lounge (Day) Rehearsal Hall/ Lounge (Evening)
per day, plus technical services
per evening, plus technical services
per day, plus technical services
per day, non-ticketed events
per evening
all performance and patron spaces stage, backstage, auditorium stage, backstage, auditorium rehearsal hall / lounge, kitchen rehearsal hall / lounge, kitchen
 9am to 11pm from 6pm to 11pm from 9am to 4pm
maximum 7 hours maximum 5 hours


Technical services and a small box office administration charge are added to most rental contracts.
All ticketed events at Oshawa Little Theatre are subject to a $3/seat theatre improvement fee.

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