Get Involved

Oshawa Little Theatre is always looking for individuals to help out for all of our productions. Anyone who is a member of the Oshawa Little Theatre is welcome to volunteer at our wonderful theatre. No experience is necessary; there is always someone available to show you the way. We are always excited to have our members, new and old join in on many facets of our theatre’s life.  

A membership at Oshawa Little Theatre is the ideal way to help your community theatre thrive while developing your own theatrical skills, interests, and making new friends. Our membership opportunities start at the front door and extend right through to backstage, the workshop, and on stage as well. As a member, you can be involved in every facet of theatre production and management, from the box office to the stage, and have an opportunity to have your voice heard at the Board level by getting involved in committees and voting at our Annual General Meeting. Get involved today! Oshawa Little Theatre offers both individual and family memberships.



Set Construction
Come out and help in our wood shop helping to build the many set pieces that are required in any of our productions. We have been known to build things as small as a peanut to as large as a bus, using many different supplies – construction paper, Styrofoam, cardboard, tissue paper and of course wood and nails.
Set Decoration
Each of the set pieces that are built need to “come alive”! By painting and decorating each of the set pieces that get built, you are helping to bring the production that much closer to stage. It’s amazing the things you can do with a paint brush, a little paint and some glue.
For every production each cast member may require anywhere from two to ten costumes. We always need people to take the costumes we have on hand and adust them with a little thread, some buttons and lace to so they are ready to be worn for yet another show. Of course there are always new costumes that need to be made too. We have been known to make animals, vampires, princes, knights in armour, 1920’s flapper dresses, First World War soldier, scallywags and thieves.
Countless items; both big and small are needed by the cast of a production. We need people who can beg, borrow or build many things ranging from candelabras, swords, beds, sofas, pictures, tables, china, telephones, TV’s, sinks, fridges, wood-burning stoves, coffins, curtains, rugs, christmas trees, chairs, lamps, fireplaces, radios, desks, etc.
Production Teams and Actors
We are always excited to welcome new production team members – producers, directors stage managers, musical directors, choreographers, crew members, and a sound and lighting team.
Front of House
Finally we need friendly, outgoing people to help with front of house, bar duties and our 50/50 draw. These individuals can help to greet our guests, show them to their seats, sell our 50/50 tickets and take care of their refreshment needs before the show and during the intermissions.

Code of Conduct